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Maintaining Sanity During Insane Times

Image courtesy of Bankim Desai and Unsplash.comThere was a time, say back in say March or April at the start of the pandemic, when I almost looked forward to this year. I saw it as full of possibility for growth and personal development. My work suffered almost...

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On Thanksgiving day I awoke late in my warm, soft bed. Following Thich Nhat Hahn's advice I brought a half-smile to my face, soaked in the warmth, and felt my breath for a few moments. Then, in the spirit of the holiday, I made a cup of coffee and sat down to do what...

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The Boxers

The Boxers

I first take it for a sports team, maybe footballers dividing up for a game. As we grow closer though, I see that the intense circle of young, muscled flesh, nearly all of them shirtless, is in fact a boxing ring.

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Nostalgia, good God, what is it good for?

That title is supposed to be sung to the tune of a similar name, War (What is it good for?) And with that let us begin. I know, I felt it too. What a douche canoe. Let us begin? My son recently saw that phrase on a fantasy football trophy and that revelation opened a...

I am going to disappoint you…

I don't know when but probably at some point I am going to disappoint you with either a lack of effort or missing a deadline. My brain will always choose to avoid pain. Work is pain. Remembering your birthday, your list, your life is work. So, I will forget or I won't...