Enoch & Sosh, Episode 12

Sharing the Wins







It’s important to share the wins in life. Sosh had a block party that solved world peace. Enoch is breaking bad habits!


Hosts & Guests

Enoch Daniel

Sosh Woodbine





About This Episode

The Bros are back with another rap session. This time instead of dumping on each other with a bunch of misery, they have some good news to share. They’re both doing pretty well, and have some wins. 

Sosh held a block party on his new deck. You may remember this was mentioned back in Episode 3, as he had to learn a lesson from fucking up his car while building it. Rodney Block, a Little Rock local celebrity played a “porch concert” to a packed crowd, and Sosh feels like they dealt a serious blow to the pandemic blues. He also met his female doppelgänger, and they seriously hit it off and nerded out together. It was weird but not in a bad, inappropriate way. 

Enoch is (mostly) sober these days. His mood has stabilized, and he’s feeling really good. He also makes an on-air confession that he allowed his depression to take him back into some old, bad habits–namely smoking cigarettes. However, he has recently cut that shit out too (but only after making his kids cry)!

Overall, just a good, positive episode for a change!

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