Enoch & Sosh, Episode 8

We Need to Talk About Jonathan







The Bros talk about their interview with Jonathan Rudner. It raises some challenging issues and brings on an apology from Enoch. Also Sosh has a win!

Hosts & Guests

Enoch Daniel

Sosh Woodbine





About This Episode

The Bros talk about their conversation with Jonathan Rudner.

Enoch struggles with Jonathan’s challenge to him about finding peace through his constant seeking. The Bros wonder if their constant seeking and striving is a character flaw or a feature. In the end, it may just be part of who they are.

They also talk about Jonathan’s confidence. Enoch has been trying it on and likes the way it feels.

Enoch was also challenged by Jonathan’s question about whether the Bros are “good” or “bad” influences on each other. He apologizes to Sosh for how he treated him in the past, and they talk about how their relationship has at times been a negative force in their lives. It’s a nice moment.

Finally, Sosh shares a victory on his recovery journey and discusses how his brain has changed over the past couple of years. He’s not perfect, but he’s a hell of a lot better.

Oh, and they talk about golf and their dicks for a while, as well as an SNL Weekend Update that they can’t seem to find a link to.


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