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The Brodhisattva Podcast

What can a couple of bro’s learn about the path the enlightenment? Enoch & Sosh are on a mission to become better men and are inviting you along for the journey. Tune in for mindfulness, philosophy, mental health, connection, and dick jokes. Always, always, dick jokes.

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A Thoughtful Faith

Glenn is a mental health professional and a man whose journey has been defined by his Christian faith. He’s also Sosh’s therapist, but don’t hold that against him!

Recent Episodes

Follow Your North Star | Blake Kimzey | Episode 6

“A professional is just an amateur who didn’t give up.”

Blake Kimzey is an author, entrepreneur, & a fascinating guy. He has a lot to teach us about living a life of creativity and following your north star.

Fear & Living Honestly | Enoch & Sosh | Episode 5

The Bro’s discuss some challenges Sosh has with a big project for his work. They talk about fear holding him back as well as living an honest life. Also Enoch is pissed at his therapist.

Living With Confidence | Jonathan Rudner | Episode 4

The Bro’s have a conversation with Jonathan Rudner, lawyer, business man, and real mensch. He talks about confidence, self esteem, business, and being present. He also might be an enlightened being.

Learning From Life | Enoch & Sosh | Episode 3

Enoch & Sosh discuss the lessons that life can teach us as well as sitting with hard emotions.

Resilience & Self Care | Dr. Jason Newell | Episode 2

In this episode, the bro’s really dip their toes into this podcasting thing with their first interview! Dr. Jason Newell, PhD shares insight into resilience, self care, and what it means to be a good man.

Hitting the Wall | Enoch & Sosh | Episode 1

This conversation was recorded in December 2020, and Enoch was particularly low. It’s open, honest and despite that sometimes quite funny. Spoiler alert: Enoch got better.

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Enoch & Sosh have been friends since as long as they can remember. Although, to be fair, their memories aren’t as great as they used to be. They are seekers, sensitive souls, and armchair philosophers. They are also two *cough* middle aged men taking stock of their lives and working to get better. We hope you join us on that journey.

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