Derek Brooks, Episode 13

Why is Everyone Better than Me?







The Bros talk to Derek. He’s just a really cool guy who has his shit together.


Hosts & Guests

Enoch Daniel

Sosh Woodbine

Derek Brooks





About This Episode

Derek Brooks is Sosh’s friend. Or as she would tell you, he is Sosh’s wife’s friend. She met Derek in high school, and they’ve kept in touch since. 

He moved around a bit as a kid. He was also always one of the smart kids, though he didn’t always realize it. He worked twice as hard as most, partly because he thought the special, gifted classes they kept sending him to were remedial!

He also got in a lot of fights. From elementary school up to high scool he fought a lot. The Bros are big wimps from the word go and thought this sounds terrifying, but he describes it as a positive experience.

And that’s the thing about Derek. Hearing him describe his past, as a gifted outsider, as a Black kid in the south, it ALL sound positive. He just has such a positive vibe, that we’re really fucking jealous of. 

I dunno, bros. I think we found someone else who is just better at this shit than we are.


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