enoch & sosh, Episode 1

Hitting the Wall 









This conversation was recorded in December 2020, and Enoch was particularly low. It’s open, honest and despite that sometimes quite funny. Spoiler alert: Enoch got better.

Hosts & Guests

Enoch Daniel

Sosh Woodbine




About This Episode

This is our first conversation recorded for the podcast from December 2020, and Enoch was particularly low.  The pandemic had worn him down, he had stopped his usual self care routine, & his depression had kicked into overdrive.

We talk about depression, self-care, alcohol, and doing the work. Somehow Mel Gibson & Marlon Brando also come up. It’s funnier than it should be given the subject matter and does a good job of showing some of the many faces of depression. Spoiler alert: Enoch got better.


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